fabric covered vintage trunk

Are you a vintage whisperer? Can you feel the stories in the folds of faded fabrics or see courage in scuffed and battered surfaces… or is it just me?

Do you like to create or mend? If so, then perhaps this post will resonate a little with you?

This blog post started with three little words on a spontaneous instagram caption a few days ago… ⤵️

vintage, shabby chic chairs

to be continued …  So here it is:

She was right to be concerned… She’d seen so many friends tossed away, forgotten or dumped because they were either no longer fashionable or had become worn, wobbly or wounded; discarded sometimes, just because the space had become too cluttered with, what they call ‘stuff’.  It was dawning on her that perhaps time was not on her side, and she didn’t want to become “just stuff”.

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pith off…?

First I must credit one of my online heros @commonfarmflowers for inspiring me to complete the first stage of marmalade making

take photo of ingredients, having put them… on the floor!

Oh the things we do for backgrounds.

She has a swoon-worthy instagram feed and beautiful websiteThe links should take you there. 

Back to the marmalade.

Photo taken and posted ✅  Now I need to make some actual marmalade! 

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tangled, messy threads

threads together

the journey of an itinerant crafter

Recovering at the moment from, what seems to me, a long illness, I am discovering the benefits of creativity. It has taken me some time to realise it, but designing, crafting and making things are having tangible and positive effects on my health.


My recent situation has made me think about starting a blog. Oh boy, have I been thinking…  REALLY thinking. You know, the kind of thinking you do when spending serious hours, nay days, in Pinterestland and other Youtubelicious places. However, these online adventures have gradually led to epiphany #1: I need a blog AND a website.

Great idea’, said the husband.

‘Definitely a good idea’, said the doctor.

‘Yaaasssss’ and ‘👏🏼🔥💪🏼✅’, said both the children (technically now actual adults, but that’s another story).


So that did it.

And here we are.


actually far from it!

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